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If you've been following along on our instagram, you've seen that we moved into a brand new office a month ago! I am SO excited to finally have a space that's 100% our own to decorate and run the biz out of.

Today I wanted to share some inspiration for an area of our office that we want to turn into a lounge/living room with comfy chairs and a couch. Here's our before space when we moved in and then a mock up we designed for our after plans!


Mock Up Inspo

Sources left to right: chair, side table, sofa, coffee table, rug, disco balls

The space itself is more on the industrial side, so we really wanted to make it more of our style with bright colors and patterns (and of course disco balls and our Dolly Parton Vibes neon sign!). There are large wood walls around the outside of the bathroom and our plan is to try to cover them with some kind of palm print wallpaper or fabric to make the space really pop (plus it'll be super cute to take photos in front of!). 

Since all I’ve been doing since before we moved in is looking at home decor, I wanted to share some favorite items that I found that we may incorporate into our office!





Decor Items

rainbow mirror/banana leaf pillow/rainbow diffuser/monstera neon/pink basket/rainbow pillow/rainbow decor/door mat/horseshoe/planter/disco ball/fake plant

 Thanks so much for reading and we plan on continuing to share our office updates as they happen! Be sure to check back here and on our instagram for updates. 




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